August 14, 2015

Finally something new here, summer has been really exciting so far and I have no regrets or better excuses for not posting. I've also done a bit of tidying up when it comes to whole appearance of this blog thanks to Filipa who made this custom theme for me. All fellow bloggers in need of a cool blog theme contact this girl. I am wearing a t-shirt that I have had made and I thoroughly enjoyed the process so I am thinking of creating a small collection of unisex pieces when I get round to it. Other items Emblem eyewear ,Daniel Wellington watch and Jessica Buurman shoes .

Photo credit : Mario Ilic


June 18, 2015

Music is an important part of my life and my style is often inspired by the music I listen to. That is the case with this outfit as well.  The music background to this outfit video is  Richie Hawtin's  track "Exhale".Everyone who listens to minimal techno will certainly know the meaning of this white circle print on my bag from TJT cekers. The base of this outfit is the inevitable black completed with the Daniel Wellington watch and Jessica Buurman sneakers . It was pleasure collaborating with Mario Ilić again who is responsible for this video.

Bag - TJT cekers
Sneakers -  Jessica Buurman


Among all the street style blogs I follow I am inspired the most by the Korean ones. Their style is a bit different from the European and I would dare to say that Koreans are a lot more creative and daring if we talk about men's fashion. Here is my interpretation of Korean inspired outfit. Timeless pieces like this spitfire jacket, white tee and black jeans are the base of this outfit and then I added this men's skirt to create that layering effect that I really like. 

Jacket - Spitfire vintage
Shirt - Adidas originals
Sneakers - Nike Air Force
Pants - Zara


Here is the result of a collaboration with my dear friend and photographer Mario Ilić   and a Bosnian brand  Moa Baggeek who made this cool unisex sweatshirt that I am wearing here. I really like the post apocalyptic look of this location we found and I think it served us very well as a background for this look. What do you think ?

Sweatshirt - Moa Baggeek
Jeans - InStyleX
Boots - Choies