November 12, 2015

 I am very happy to present a new and exciting project that I am a part of  called I Still Care. This project gives selfies a whole new dimension – utterly different and UNEXPECTED - through merging it with fashion, fun and helping others.

#IStillCare makes your selfie completely unselfish while taking you to the places you only dreamt of visiting. It will connect you to the amazing new people and offer you a life changing experience. How? Through the most FUN way there is – by taking SLEFIES.
It's easy to rock this trend, whether by being silly or just taking it easy. Find the perfect light, strike a pose and of you go! Tomorrow your SELFIE could be on the beaches of Malibu, under the Eiffel tower or in the best clubs of New York.

It only takes a few steps – Upload selfie on website, order a T-shirt and SURPRISE comes next! T-shirt with your selfie goes to somebody you do not know while you get a T-shirt with another selfie. The amazing experience gets even more encouraging when you meet NEW people. On the I Still Care site you can find out whose selfie you're wearing on your T-shirt and how to find them through their social profile. That's how I found Kathryn , the girl whose selfie I got !

 There is also another aspect to this project that I absolutely love. When you buy #IStillCare T-shirt, you will join those who would like to make our world a better place! #IStillCare is special due to its positive purpose of helping different individuals and associations all around the world through sharing the positive values, as well as income from the T-shirts sale.

#IStillCare goes one step further and encourages you to find someone whose dreams need to be supported and send his/her/their dream story. Take a look around you, be a part of something amazing and invite others to join. The most inspiring stories, selected by those who wear #IStillCare T-shirts, will receive a financial support so that such stories become reality.

 Find out more about this exciting experience on www.istillcare.net and make sure to follow us on INSTAGRAMTWITTERFACEBOOK .
Every great story needs great characters! Change someone’s destiny by sharing who you are.



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