June 19, 2012

This is a look I shot two months ago with a great bag I got from Snupped. It is actually a laptop bag but you can use it in so many practical ways and the best thing is you can choose any print you like to put on it. I designed a print that is on my bag.. actually I borrowed it from Missoni ( since I adore them ) but in the colors I wanted. Guys who work at Snupped will print out your design on this great material and make a custom bag for you, in the size you choose. What a great accessorie, right? Do check them out HERE.


I am wearing:
Bag - Snupped
 Pants - Whyred
Sneakers - Converse
Bracelet - A gift from my friends Amra and Azra


  1. :O genijalno!!! divno izgledaš a torbica za laptop je san snova! :O

  2. COOL! BRAVO!!!

  3. you have one of the coolest styles I ever known and great photos as always. may I know what camera do you use? Hope you can reply, tnx ;)

  4. genijalno frende, košulja i torba su mi top!

  5. Ti si naprosto nepogresiv,ovo je toliko fantasticno da ostavlja bez teksta. Sve sto se kaze malo je.

  6. Ovde si skroz fulio

  7. Ti baš umeš da izneseš ovakve kombinacije! ;)
    Torba <3

  8. Fantastično, kao i uvijek. Nevjerojatno je kako kombiniraš stvari, tako hrabro, a tako predobro...Ne znam, ne može to svatko, pogotovo ne muškarac. Bravo još jednom...Ilina

  9. bas si extra tu, sve je predobro! =D

  10. kakvo dobro superponiranje printova...obozavam te!

  11. exellent look as a whole and in details. And this lookdon`t know, but remembered me one of the famos soviet romantic acter Igor Kostolevsky in film unnamed star,where he played the astronomer who lives in the provincial small town, interesting film.

  12. Wow ovo je bas ocaravajuce.
    Kosulja je savrsena i dalje od toga ne moze, a korak dalje si otisao i jos vise udubio celu pricu oko slicnog printa i teksture.
    Cak mi se svidjaju i pletene narukvice.
    Sve je u celini skroz, i ima poentu i pricu!!
    Sve sve pohvale.

  13. Lovely glasses!! Which brand is it?
    and I want that shirt too!!!

    Have an Eyeful day!